Helpful Links

Pasture Cows


Don't want to wait until Saturday? Looking for something specific? We keep cattle turned out and can find whatever you are looking for! Give us a call or check out the link. 

Texas Beef Council


What is the Texas Beef Council? What does the  money go to that comes out of my sellers check? Find answers here!

LMA Auctions


A large North American group of  members dedicated to supporting, representing and communicating with and for the entire livestock marketing sector.


Web sites funded by the Cattlemen's Beef Board and the Federation of State Beef Councils. 

D V Auction


Watch our sale online every Saturday. Also see what sales are going on around you!

Unfortunately online bidding is not available at this time at this location!  

Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers


To honor and protect the ranching way of life! 

Become a member, see what the Cattle Raisers does for you. 

Husky Branding Irons


Trust everyone, but brand your livestock. 

We can order brands if you call us at 325-356-5231, or you can check out Husky's website.

Follow us on Facebook


Follow us on Facebook to see special consignments each week.



A Calendar that includes all of the dates will we be off and any special sales we will have.